10 Signs She Is Sabotaging the Relationship & Tips to Handle It 


People that hold grudges are prone to be nasty with their partner since they are still furious. If she refuses to express her unhappiness but prefers not to talk about it, she may be destroying the relationship.

She Holds Grudges Against You

Healthy relationships require partners to support each other regardless of circumstances. If one partner does something unpleasant, the other should rebuke them compassionately instead of saying things that may lower their self-esteem.

She criticizes you

When she stops being intentional and gives other reasons, she may be destroying the relationship. Has she become so consumed with the relationship that she rarely has time to discuss important issues?

She Doesn't Work on The Relationship

When a woman doesn't want to be intimate with you and explore her sexual fantasies, she may be hurting the relationship. If you love someone, you may want intimacy. 

She no longer wants sex with you

Fulfilling relationship vows makes the other person pleased. When a woman does not keep her promises, it may signal she is trying to ruin the relationship.

She does not keep her promise

Partner expectations are common. Different expectations provide the idea that your spouse is always reliable. You feel happy when your partner satisfies your expectations. 

She has unrealistic expectations

Nobody is flawless; everyone has distinct defects and shortcomings. Some people love their partners despite their imperfections. Others may struggle to deal when they notice their partner's shortcomings.

She emphasizes your flaws

Some people have unhealthy lifestyles because they're unhappy with themselves or a situation. Thus, they may adopt unhealthy habits. If your wife uses relationship issues to live unhealthy, she may be destroying the relationship. 

Her lifestyle is unhealthy

When a woman repeatedly tells you you may go because you'll meet someone better, she may be destroying the relationship. She may even degrade herself and point out her flaws to discourage you and end the relationship.

She constantly saying you'll find someone better

When your partner does something you dislike, you may be offended. However, some women may overreact to minor difficulties. If she continually picking random conflicts, she may be sabotaging the relationship.

She starts conflicts over minor issues

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