10 Square Nail Ideas for 2023  

French Acrylic Heart Nail


Fashion-forward French nail fans will appreciate this design! A heart pattern adds character to this French manicure.

Colorful French Tip


This bright pattern colors the French tip. Choose a hue to match your clothing, mood, or season and wow with your quirky French tip.

Pink Heart Nail


For delicate square nails, try this pink hearts pattern. Hello, Barbie vibe! Ladylike manicure with heart designs and light pink French tips.

Croc Print Nail


This adventurous croc nail design is unique! The crocodile-skin texture sticks out. This tutorial will help you accomplish this look regardless of animal print or 3D nail design experience.

French Swirl Nail


The swirl nail trend is popular. Square nails would suit this trendy trend.  French tips give a manicure an elegant look.

Floral Nail


Fans of floral nail art will enjoy this. Floral nail art makes nails look like flowers. Just follow this guide to get this look on square nails.

Butterfly Nail Art


Butterfly nail art works on square nails too! Butterfly-adorned square nails with a silver and purple base are gorgeous. This Y2K look rocks.

Smokey Marble Nail


Smoke-colored marble manicures appear like smoke. Nails intrigue! This video shows how to make a design lively with vivid greens.

3D Nail Art


This 3D square nail design elevates nail art. My favorite nail designs are 3D because they stand out.

Swirl Nail


Use press-on square nails to swirl nails! Press-on square nails with a white manicure and swirl design are trendy. Wear press-ons often.

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