11 Nail Art Designs that are Perfect for your Summer Manicure  

Negative space


Seasonal negative space manicures are popular. Short-nail wearers who wish to stand out prefer elegant, discreet designs. Multiple redesigns minimize boredom.

Rose quartz


Instagarm influencers like rose quartz mani. Consider translucent white veins and soft pink ombre. A popular fad is Himalayan Rock Salt Nails. Easy to make at home.

Holographic chrome


Metal goes holographic this summer. Iridescent powder affects polish gloss, thus accuracy important. Ellement Co. founder Minash Bablani says, “Chrome is a metallic, reflective, fine pigment.

Floral nail art design


Spring is here—are flowers far behind? Simple hand-painted patterns, pressed flowers, and flowery manicure wraps are available. The base color should match your natural nail for simplicity.

Glitter Nail


Gold flakes on your fingertips update your glitter look without going out of style. Genuine glitter only? Make an accent nail or ends shine with glitter paint.

Oil spill


As the name implies, an oil slick manicure appears like a rainbow-colored oil layer on water. Paint tiny blue, purple, and green blobs on black nails.



Two-tone or color block nail art is popular. A beginner DIY, apply a coat of your favorite solid color and paint the points in another color in your desired form.

French pastel


For a traditional manicure, try summer pastels. Use complementary colors and negative space to dot your nails with pinks, blues, yellows, and marine greens.



Manicurists and beauty bloggers have framed nails. A thin line of polish or nail appliqué borders the center, which can be ornate or basic depending on your frame.

Muted geometric design


Crystals, pearls, and rhinestones don't always complicate nail art. Maybe draw lovely lines on pale pink. Many Instagrammers, including Allure editor-in-chief Michelle Lee.

3D embellishment


Minimalists like 3D jewel-encrusted metallic appliqués, stick-on diamonds, and nail jewelry. None are more high-maintenance.

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