5 Best Crystals For Anger And Stress Management


We often struggle with stress and anger in our busy lives. Have you explored using crystals to help balance these emotions? We'll explore crystals and reveal the top 5 jewels for anger and stress management in this tutorial.

The purple gem amethyst is known for its relaxing effects. This top chakra gem promotes balance and calm. Amethysts can calm anger and stress by simply being held or placed in your environment.


Rose Quartz, the “stone of love,” is gentle but powerful for emotional healing. Its pink essence promotes self-love and compassion, reducing aggression. Keep a piece of Rose Quartz in your pocket or heart to promote emotional harmony.

Rose Quartz

Black Tourmaline protects against negativity. This crystal grounds excess energy and protects against stress and rage. Keeping Black Tourmaline near your desk or carrying it might block disturbing emotions.

Black Tourmaline

Citrine, the “merchant’s stone,” dispels negativity and promotes positivity. This bright gem boosts self-esteem through the solar plexus chakra. Citrine can relieve tension and bring joy.


Lepidolite's purple and pink hues soothe the soul. This stone is a natural stress reliever since it contains lithium, an anti-anxiety mineral. Keep Lepidolite under your pillow or carry it to relax yourself during the day.


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