Best Dogs for Small Apartments in Usa 

The cheerful bichon frise is one of the best apartment dogs and one of the friendliest breeds. While they're great agility dogs, they also love lounging on the couch. They weigh 15 pounds, so your downstairs neighbors won't be alarmed!

Bichon Frise 

The quickest dog on the planet making a list of best apartment pets sounds illogical. The secret about greyhounds is that they gallop and nap. They will cheerfully enhance your busy lifestyle on weekends and evenings, but life in your urban home should be OK!


Cavalier King Charles spaniel owners say these amazing dogs make great pets. Cavaliers may also be great apartment dogs! These quiet, amiable, intelligent, devoted canines can fit into even the smallest studios.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

Bulldogs, despite their gruff appearance and large frame, are placid, couch-friendly dogs that adapt well to apartment life. 


This handsome guy is one of the best apartment dogs due to his size and disposition. Boston terriers are amiable, loving canines that can spend most of their exercise indoors without bothering your downstairs neighbors!

Boston Terrier 

With around 20% the size of its racing counterparts, the Italian greyhound offers most of the breed's appeal in a smaller, lighter, and quieter package. The Italian greyhound, at 10 pounds, is one of the "best apartment dogs" since it's light and quiet.

Italian Greyhound 

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