How To Teach Your Dog Not to Jump Up 

Your dog must realize that jumping up is pointless. Keep all four paws on the floor to catch your attention. Praise your dog when that happens, especially when they're most inclined to jump up. 

Best With Paws On Floor

Telling your dog to stop jumping or saying “no, get down” may reward them with attention. They're more likely to learn that jumping up gets you to look, talk, and touch them. Some dogs will like this.

Do Not Chastise Your  Dog For Jumping

When you don't respond to a dog's behavior as expected, they'll try it harder. They will try to get your regular reaction.

Continue Training

Consistency will teach your dog what draws your attention. Without consistency, your dog may get confused and do everything to find the best behavior. Family and friends should back your training. Prepare visitors for dog interaction. 

Remember, Consistency Matters

As you approach, stop and ask your dog to sit. Provide extra yummy goodies to reward them. Treat your dog sometimes while you converse to your helper as long as all four paws are on the floor. Reward and attention might be given by your assistant.

Teach Your Dog To Sit When Greeting Strangers

If you want to stop your dog from jumping up on walks, bring enough of their favorite treats. This will help them be nice when you meet. You can reward them for sitting or scatter-feed them to keep them busy while you talk to someone else. 

Be Ready Constantly

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