Netflix: The must-watch Oscar-winning historical thriller drama with Ben Affleck  

The streaming services' large film catalog spans genres. Not all platform films work. We have good Ben Affleck stories.

Affleck writes and acts in Hollywood. His breakthrough was Oscar-winning “Good Will Hunting,” co-written with close friend Matt Damon. In “Gone Girl,” “The Town,” and “Air,” Affleck preserved his legacy.

“Argo” depicts a daring CIA mission to rescue six American diplomats from the Tehran embassy as Iranian militants took control. The film depicts the 1979–1981 Iran hostage crisis.

Affleck, who also produced the picture, plays Tony Mendez, a CIA agent who kidnaps diplomats by posing as a Canadian film crew looking for settings for “Argo.”

“Argo” earned academy awards for Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay (Chris Terrio), and Best Film Editing (William Goldenberg). Many thought Affleck was overlooked for Best Director.

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