The Complete Beginner's Guide to Makeup Application 

Dry, oily, or combination skin need morning and nighttime moisturization. Remember to use sunscreen in the morning. You must use cleanser and toner before moisturizing, especially at night. Give a brief, relaxing massage.

Apply moisturizer first

You can apply foundation with fingers, a beauty sponge, or a foundation brush, depending on your comfort level. Apply BB cream or liquid foundation in tiny layers using your fingertips. For fuller coverage, apply foundation evenly with synthetic makeup brushes.

Apply The Base

Bronzer is versatile since it can contour or add a rapid burst of warmth to make you look like you just arrived from the beach. When contouring your cheeks and jaw, only color where the sun would naturally tan you. 

Bring Color Back To Your Face

Try golden and pink highlighters. Apply glow with a fan brush or a dab of product to cheeks, brow bones, and cupid's bow with your finger.

Highlight The Best Part

There are different ways to apply eyeshadow, but there are some basics. Start with light colors that match your skin. Darker colors shape and define the eye. Shades in between assist lids harmonize hues.

Try Different Eyeshadow Look

Dabbing it between lashes makes a larger lash foundation. The eye area can be defined with a crisp or smudged liner.

Use Eyeliner Pencil To Define Your Eye

Start from the root and proceed toward the tips while applying mascara after curling. The base of the lash has a thick, black line.

Apply Mascara

Lip liner pencil contouring prolongs lipstick wear. Lipline and contour after lightly blending. Applying lipstick on top gives lips 3D. Lipstick fades, revealing liner. Finish with lip gloss. Line lips with a lipstick brush or bullet before applying lipstick.

Line Your Lips 

Keep your best makeup all day using setting powder, spray, or both after all that effort. Your makeup formula depends on your skin type and duration. Any fluffy brush will set it.

Set Your Makeup

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