The Most Underrated Capital Cities in the US 

Frankfort, Kentucky's capital, is between Louisville and Lexington. The small but lively city has everything that makes Kentucky a terrific destination to visit: bluegrass, bourbon (Frankfort host the Buffalo Trace Distillery), thoroughbred horses in rolling fields, and more.

Frankfort, Kentucky

Louisiana's capital city features nearly 300 years of history, great restaurants, entertainment, and school spirit. Enjoy Cajun and Creole food, visit museums about the city's heritage and bayous, or wear purple and gold to support the Louisiana State University Tigers. Plus, Baton Rouge is the tallest US capitol!

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Like any excellent capital city, St. Paul has everything that makes Minnesota worth visiting and more. Walking city, the older twin to Minneapolis, lines the Mississippi River, but its charm goes beyond water. St. Paul has the longest stretch of Victorian architecture in the country with 100+ National Register of Historic Places buildings.

St. Paul, Minnesota

They call Boise “a city you'd want to have a beer with,” and we agree. This city-country blend of skyscrapers housing Fortune 500 corporations and steep mountain ranges creates a stunning skyline. Boise has something for everyone, whether you like the outdoors, gastronomy, or the city.

Boise, Idaho

Maryland's capital and US Naval Academy city is a coastal jewel. Business, government, education, and boating lure people to Annapolis. Whatever attracts you to the city, fresh seafood, rich history, and stunning Chesapeake Bay views will keep you coming back.

Annapolis, Maryland

Helena, home to 75 miles of hiking and bike trails, ancient gold rush history, and a central location between Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, is the best of the west. Spend the day exploring quirky stores, art galleries, and microbreweries in rows of gorgeous buildings.

Helena, Montana

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