This $9 Hack Makes Plant Cleaning Easy and Satisfying 

Indoor plants are popular for numerous reasons. Besides being gorgeous, they absorb pollutants, increase humidity, and produce oxygen to purify the air.

A Journal of Physiological Anthropology study discovered that house and office plants help calm your mind.

To keep them looking and feeling good, clean them occasionally. Even with a clean environment, dust and debris will accumulate on your plants.

Cleaning indoor plant leaves is easy but time-consuming. Cleaning is my least favorite and most time-consuming activity, so I rarely do it. Without damaging leaves, cleaning both sides with a cloth is challenging. Hard to gauge your pressure. 

Breaking that new monstera leaf that took a month to unfold is the worst. I was excited to find this cheap and excellent plant-cleaning technique on The Jungle Upstairs' Instagram. 

Content creator Ciara Benko utilizes Amazon's soft white cotton gloves instead  of a towel or paper towel.

The gloves, usually used for delicate work like art handling and crafts, let you get into all the plant's crevices to collect dust and parasites.

Fingers are more flexible than towels. Watching her hands clean dirt is extremely gratifying in the video.

Amazon sells reusable gloves for $9 a bundle of 10.

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