Top 10 Best Budget Travel Destinations of 2023 

Thailand is special to me since it started it all. This is where I quit my job and traveled the world. I lived there. Loved it there. Amazing Thailand.


Regionally, these destinations are pricey (but still affordable). Visit these central Central American countries for $40-50 USD per day as a backpacker or $100 per day to live large. In this region, money goes far. 

Central America

Cambodia is less expensive than Thailand yet just as lovely and full of the kindest people. It also has the amazing Angkor Wat, which is worth the price.


This off-the-beaten-path region comprising a few countries, most of which see few tourists, is inexpensive and offers great value. Dubrovnik has witnessed an influx of tourists due to cruise ships, but most of the region is perfect for adventure travel. 

The Balkan

China has fascinated tourists since Marco Polo walked the Silk Road in 1275. China remains one of Asia's cheapest destinations, but with a catch. Get out of big cities. City life remains affordable. Food costs $2–5, hostels around $20, and city transportation under $1.


India was always cheap, but the rupee used to be 39 rupees to the dollar. Now, 82 rupees to the dollar is roughly 50% extra travel money. Unless you stay in five-star resorts and eat Western food, $50 a day is hard to spend here.


Georgia has everything I want: cheap, wonderful cuisine and wine, amazing treks and mountain beauty, and few tourists. I loved it right away and wish I had visited sooner (I decided to stay longer).


Portugal is a favorite Euro country and cheap. My first visit to the country made me love it. How could I not with beautiful beaches, rolling wine country, stunning seaside cliffs, delicious food, friendly people, and cheap old cities?


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Morocco is a bucket-list destination for all travelers due of its chaos and color. Morocco is a photographer's paradise with golden sand dunes, twisting markets and medinas, and towering mountains. 


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