Top 10 Most Affordable Cities in the US To Move To Now 

Jackson, Mississippi's capital, is full with history, variety, and southern hospitality. Jackson has many healthcare, education, and agriculture jobs and several top institutions. Jackson apartments rent for around $1,000 per month.

Jackson, Mississippi

Pittsburgh is admired by residents and visitors for its vibrant culinary scene, new breweries, and stunning downtown skyline. Pittsburgh has many parks and green spaces and a diverse arts, cultural, and entertainment scene. Pittsburgh apartments average $1,400 per month.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Montgomery is appealing because of its growing job market, beautiful weather year-round, and many outdoor sports and activities. Montgomery, rich in American history, loves the arts and has a vibrant dining and nightlife scene. Montgomery apartments average $900 per month.

Montgomery, Alabama

Jacksonville offers year-round sunshine and unlimited beach access without a long trip to the city. Jacksonville is famous for its excellent weather, robust economy, many career options, and numerous outdoor activities. Monthly rent in Jacksonville averages $1,400.

Jacksonville, Florida

Fort Wayne is gaining popularity due to its low cost of living and many jobs. Fort Wayne contains the Fort Wayne Philharmonic Orchestra, Fort Wayne Museum of Art, and various bicycle and hiking pathways that connect to other midwestern communities. Rentals in Fort Wayne average $1,000 per month.

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Cleveland is noted for its great restaurants and sports enthusiasts, regardless of the club, due to its strong job market. Cleveland is a midwestern cultural hub with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland Museum of Art, and Cleveland Orchestra. About $1,300 is Cleveland's median monthly rent.

Cleveland, Ohio

Wichita, Kansas' largest city, is one of the least congested in the nation, making it a great area to reside for commuting. Wichita is safe and has fantastic healthcare and weather, making it more enticing. Monthly rent in Wichita averages $800.

Wichita, Kansa

St. Louis, on the Mississippi River, boasts a growing economy, many institutions, and fun events. St. Louis has several restaurants, museums, theaters, and parks. The median St. Louis rent is $1,100.

St. Louis, Missouri

Startups have made Boise one of the fastest-growing US cities. Boise residents have a good work-life balance, so they can enjoy the city's microbreweries, restaurants, coffee shops, and culture. Monthly Boise rent averages $1,500.

Boise, Idaho

Knoxville's stable job market, superb public transit, and beautiful lakes and rivers make it hard to dislike. Knoxville has a historic Old City neighborhood, several museums, and is a short drive from Dollywood. Knoxville rent averages $1,500 per month.

Knoxville, Tennessee

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