Top 10 Single Man Behaviours Women Hate 

It's strange how men can hear you curse from another room but not when you call them to help unpack the groceries. We may never know the cause of selective hearing, but it's irritating. No need to mention drifting in and out of discussions.

Selective Hearing 

Men make relationship comparisons, which women secretly hate.We know his mom's pot roast is better and his ex didn't get mad about our concerns, but we don't need to hear this.All our efforts felt inadequate. Second, it matches us against unsuitable opponents.  

Making Comparison

How do some fully mature guys switch from living independently, having a clean house, and picking up after themselves to being children when their girlfriend moves in? 

Not cleaning up 

Many girlfriends have complained about this throughout the years. After years of being together, their SO will casually say, “I'm thinking about buying a new car” or “I repainted the bathroom the other day” (even if it was a collaborative effort). Why do we secretly detest this? Isn't it a harmless mistake? 

Making “I” remarks instead of “we”

This next thing is obnoxious regardless of who does it. In a relationship, spending more time with your partner than with family or friends might lead to more noticeable differences. For example, I couldn't bear talking to my spouse while he's on his phone or monitoring Bitcoin developments. 

Using Electronics too Much 

It's annoying when our males don't notice subtle (or not so subtle) changes like changing your hair cut, decorating the living room, or trying a new cuisine. We don't need them to like duck egg blue wall paint, but they should notice our efforts.

Neglecting Details 

This normally diminishes with age.However, we've all had guys that are sweet with you but tough with his friends.Missing consistency can be frustrating. Women unconsciously hate their partner's alter ego because it's an act. 

Acting inconsistently 

This issue is obvious, so I'll stop.Once comfortable, some guys may quickly go from fresh odors, monthly haircuts, and minimal nose hair to letting it all go. While supporting their natural behavior is important, women should also value their partners' efforts. 

Being Lazy With Grooming 

I don't think my hubby let a gas molecule out for the first six months of our relationship. I was amazed by my luck. Then we moved in together, bam! Burping like Homer Simpson, and farts? Avoid that. He laughs at it, which is horrible. Possibly my reaction, not the deed.

Excessive Burping or Farting 

Finally, we despise this word, even when we're only expressing ourselves. Being branded crazy when irritated or on edge doesn't help. In fact, it makes us feel that our emotions are invalid. This one can push us over the edge when all we want is to be seen and heard.

Being called crazy in a fight 

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