Top 10 Weight Loss Exercises, According to Experts and Research 

Running is one of the best and easiest ways to burn calories without a treadmill, like it or not. Just put on shoes and go. Accelerating and decelerating speeds up minutes and kilometers. Run in fartleks, Swedish for speed play, when you speed up and slow down after street lamps and water hydrants.


White says walking and trekking are good workout. Hiking may be better for weight loss and calorie burning. White says hiking helps you lose weight by creating a calorie deficit, unlike strolling. This is because trekking is harder than flat strolling.


Jumping rope works the whole body. It works your quads and glutes to help you explode and your core to keep you upright and secure as you land. While jumping rope, the wrists move the rope, keeping the arms and shoulders taut.

Jump Rope

Strength exercise increases lean muscle mass and metabolism, which slows in your 30s. The more muscle you have, the less fat you have since your metabolism runs higher, explains Ryan. “Higher metabolism burns more calories and loses fat.”

Strength Training

Kickboxing burns calories, builds strength, and relieves stress! It's a full-body workout since your legs power your arms to throw big jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts. It will test your coordination and endurance, which make you a better athlete in and out of the ring.


Spinning on an actual bike or a stationary bike is a great method to burn calories and increase stamina. “Spinning is a great weight-loss activity that is relatively low impact and targets the biggest, strongest muscles in the body,” Ryan adds of glutes and hamstrings.


HIIT workouts are one of the best ways to burn calories and boost metabolism. The best aspect is that these workouts are short. Some 10-minute HIIT workouts work if you push your body to its limits with all-out vigor. HIIT reduces belly fat, according to research.

High Intensity Interval Training

Rowing is a terrific weight-loss strategy since it pulls and opens the hips and shoulders and combines cardio and strength. Ryan says you work your heart and lungs. Many people have desk occupations, thus their backs are rounded.


White explains. High-intensity activities like burpees can burn up to 50% more fat than typical strength training and are fantastic for abdominal fat. White says it's a great full-body workout that improves cardiovascular health and weight loss without equipment.


Dorset suggests using equipment like the elliptical to maintain weight loss without stress: “The elliptical is great for lower impact while maintaining fitness,” Dorset explains. It helps prevent injury at the start or return to running after an injury.


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