Top 5 Zodiac Signs That Always Exaggerate 

Exaggerating to look better is bragging. Inflating the truth to persuade someone is dangerous. Politicians use exaggeration to advance their agendas.

Sagittarians do cool things but don't always feel finished. Time enhances their travel tale. Seeing it, they dove off the cliff.


When Leo is full of themselves, they brag exaggeratedly about how great they are. You don't need to prove your awesomeness.


Aries believes they can do what others fear. Telling the bravest Aries it's mostly true doesn't help. If they exaggerate a problem, they may be in the moment.


Capricorns may feel undervalued, so they'll exaggerate their accomplishments, especially if they did them alone with limited resources.


Taurus is stubborn and will exaggerate to get their way. Taurus will defend their exaggeration.


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