Walmart's New 'No Concerns' Return Policy Improves Shopping

Remember this and don't leave holiday shopping till the last minute. The mall on Christmas Eve is like the Hunger Games, but you're fighting over the last AirPod Max. 

Walmart is proposing return policy changes that will change your shopping game this year to help you get ahead. Walmart+ members and customers can shop without 30-day return rules in October.

The "Holiday Guarantee" lets you buy gifts from October 1 and return them until January 31, 2023. 

"Walmart is making the returns experience easier and more convenient with three new and expanded options that save customers time during the busiest season of the year and give them extra peace of mind when shopping for gifts," it said in a press release last week.

The greatest part: the retail behemoth is making returns easier, whether they're bizarre Aunt Suzy gifts or things you didn't give. Curbside returns and home pickup are available to Walmart+ members. 

Start your qualifying return in the app to schedule pickup. No packaging or label needed. Professionals will handle that. Both return possibilities will start the first week of October. 

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