Your Past Relationships Effect Your Present 

All the evils in your life and relationship stem from insecurity. If you had a terrible past, you'll lose trust in others rapidly. Your former relationship trauma will affect your new one.

Insecurity covers your relationship

Healing love after emotional trauma makes you overprotective. After being deceived, people take their time to be open and free in their relationships, but overprotective, possessive, and violating personal space produces issues. A need for control, public emotional drama, and useless disputes will result from this phobia.

You become overprotective

Always comparing your relationship to prior lovers is rude. You either overestimate your prior lover and make your partner feel insignificant or you believe your relationship will hurt you like your past lover.

Comparing your partner  to prior lovers is habitual

Not revealing your history will hinder your future happiness. Sometimes oversharing causes problems. If you had past relationship trauma, tell your spouse so they can understand you.

You Keep Your Past Private

Past relationships may be affecting your commitment concerns. That's also understandable. You'd be cautious to commit again if your unshakeable faith and dedication were so readily dismissed.

Your dedication will suffer

Even around your loved one, you feel unhappy and lacking something. Your anxiety from the prior catastrophe may be the cause. Try to overcome it. Still seeking closure. Jay Shetty explains, “That’s pointless because your ex can’t give you closure. Take charge of your emotions.”

You Feel Depressed

Your current partner would feel angry if you stalk your ex on social media and know a lot about their life. This will destroy your relationship because no one wants a spouse who isn't committed and often thinking about their ex.

You still stalk your ex

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