Honest Reasons Men Have Turned Down Women

Her Marriage or Relationship

Though not love and relationship specialists, we know this. Men may not want to star in their own soap. Many guys avoid that operatic maze if a woman is blissfully engaged or in a complicated love triangle. Avoid "love triangles gone wrong". The trouble rarely pays off.

Being Mean or Disagreeable

Say a human-sized thundercloud walks and talks. Nobody likes annoying dates. Men don't want bossy women, yet life is too short for negativity. Who needs constant fighting? Finding someone to laugh and smile with is more appealing than dodging verbal lightning.

Lack of Interest

Guys don't always feel it. They don't always want to be with women. Imagine: just because you like cookies doesn't mean you have to consume the whole jar. We shouldn't hook up with everyone just because we're males, says one. We can be choosy.

Too Much Makeup

Makeup boosts confidence, but some guys may feel like they're dating a Picasso. It's personal preference, not criticizing women for their makeup choices. 


We all know the continuous search for compatibility. Despite efforts, two people don't always fit. Have you tried mixing a disco ball and a cowboy hat? Cool individually, not together.

Love and Respect for Their Partner

It's believed that men exclusively think with their... You know. Not true! Many men love their partners and would never hurt them. When some women assume all guys cheat, it bothers them.


Racists are worst. Some males hate racist women. A contributor describes an odd meeting with a "white trash." "I totally couldn't understand why she said that about her race," he says.

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