The 12 Most Beautiful Botanical Gardens in the US 

Bellevue Botanical Garden is known for its beautiful gardens, ponds, and wooded trails. A magnificent botanical garden in downtown Bellevue, Washington, gives free access seven days a week.

Bellevue Botanical Garden

The 385-acre Chicago Botanical Garden has 27 strategically placed gardens. The garden, opened almost 50 years ago, attracts over one million visitors annually.

Chicago Botanical Garden

This 1,000-acre Kauai park and preserve is part of the Hawaiian National Tropical Botanical park, which protects tropical plants. Numerous plant species, including rare and endangered ones, are here.

Limahuli Garden and Preserve

One of the world's highest altitude botanical gardens is Betty Ford Alpine Gardens in Vail, CO. The garden, named after former first lady Betty Ford, lies 8,000 feet above sea level in the Rocky Mountains.

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

The New York Botanical Garden, a short subway journey from Manhattan's core, has been a local and tourist favorite since the 1890s. Visitors can enjoy unique events, art displays, and educational programming in addition to over one million plants.

New York Botanical Garden

The San Francisco Botanical Garden, in Golden Gate State Park, features approximately 8,000 plant and animal species. The garden was conceived over a century ago and completed in the 1940s.

San Francisco Botanical Garden

Phoenix’s Desert Botanical Garden is a beautiful desert oasis where you may see various cactus, agave, and aloe kinds. This 1939 garden attracts over 400,000 tourists annually.

Desert Botanical Garden

A prominent California attraction, the Huntington Library Art Museum and Botanical Garden has 130 acres of 16 attractively themed gardens, thousands of living plants, and a botanical research center. The garden, 30 minutes from downtown Los Angeles, was once part of San Marino Ranch.

Huntington Library Art  Museum and Botanical Garden

For 75 years, Louisianans and visitors have sought refuge in the New Orleans Botanical Garden. Also known as the city's first classical garden.

New Orleans Botanical Garden

Ojai's Taft Gardens & Nature Preserve wins. Around this well-kept 15-acre garden, the Wildlife Land Trust Conservation Easement protects 200 acres of California Open Space. Visit the lush surroundings with plants, trees, sculptures, and well-placed art.

Taft Gardens and  Nature Preserve

Beautiful and tranquil, this Washington, D.C. garden is steps from the National Museum of the American Indian. Here, stunning statues and fountains blend into lush settings with bright trees, flowers, and plants.

United State Botanic Garden

Portland, Oregon's International Rose Test Garden is a must-see for rose lovers. This unique location has over 10,000 rose bushes that bloom from May to October on six acres.

International Rose Test Garden

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