Top 5 zodiac signs of the most unfaithful women 

Building lasting relationships requires understanding relationship dynamics and compatibility. The top 5 unfaithful female zodiac signs are discussed in this article.

Gemini women are restless and curious. Intellectual stimulation and curiosity can cause relationship drift. Dual personality and mental stimulation can cause straying.


Charm, confidence, and admiration characterize Leo women. They can be loyal partners, but their need for attention and validation can lead to infidelity.


Sagittarius women risk. Cheating may rise due to freedom and adventure. They may seek new relationships outside of their committed ones due to their restlessness and love of new experiences.


Pisces women care deeply. Although loyal partners, their romantic and idealistic nature may lead them to seek emotional connections outside of relationships.


Aquarius women value independence. Intellectuals like unusual ideas and experiences. They may cheat to gain independence and new experiences.


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