Top 5 Zodiac Signs Prone to Mental Vulnerabilities 

Well-being depends on mental health, and everyone is vulnerable. Zodiac signs may have more mental health issues due to their traits and sensitivities. 

Empathetic Pisces are Neptune-ruled. Compassion is admirable, but absorbing others' emotions and energies can cause mental health issues and emotional overwhelm.


Water sign Cancer is Moon-ruled and emotional. They deeply care for others. Compassion can cause anxiety and depression in Cancerians.


Pluto-ruled Scorpios are passionate and curious. Deep, intense emotions or obsessive thinking may be mental health issues.


Mercury-ruled Geminis are active and curious. Smarts can lead to overthinking and anxiety. Geminis' racing thoughts and need for stimulation can harm mental health.


Jupiter rules Sagittarius, a restless, adventurous fire sign. Their curiosity and desire to explore are admirable, but they may be moody and impulsive.


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